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Sunday, August 14, 2005
I just finished reading The Wu-Tang Manual this afternoon and I’ve got to say I’m impressed. The RZA really came through and delivered one of the best Hip-Hop books to date. It shouldn’t be too surprising, though, his lyrics have always been deep and his production style changed the entire landscape of Hip-Hop, so when it comes to putting things together he’s always been top notch and a complete perfectionist. We should all know by now that if The RZA puts his name on it, no matter what it is, it’s going to be of highest quality imaginable. What is surprising about the book, however, is the amount of information about Wu-Tang that none of us ever knew. The RZA really breaks it down and goes in depth on a number of topics, making it a must read for anyone into Hip-Hop, or music in general. There’s also a lot of philosophy and religion in the book, so scholars into those subjects might want to pick up The Wu-Tang Manual, as well.

Aside from reading I’ve also been doing a lot of writing this weekend. I have a 2,500 word cover story due for a magazine next week so I was tackling that over the past few days. Add that to the four interview week I had last week, two of which were for the article, and I’ve been pretty busy at my keyboard of late. I’ve also been hard at work devising a plan for my next great resume send out. I haven’t done one in quite a while and feel my clip book and resume are finally at a point where people will take notice when they see it.

The weekend wasn’t all reading and writing, I had planned on sitting in front of my TV and watching the Giants first pre-season game on Saturday night. Unfortunately the weather altered those plans because the refs were forced to call an 80+ minute delay due to lightning after only a handful of plays. Rather than sit through the delay, which at the time was of an unknown length, I started flipping and ended up watching Bloodsport II on one of my eight billion movie channels. Despite having that many movie channels, plus or minus a few, after watching Bloodsport II I still feel we’re missing one. I feel we could really use an all kung-fu movies channel somewhere on our cable boxes. That would be the hotness right there, if I could just go to a channel and know I’m going to see a dope martial arts flick. Maybe one day.

The week ahead is going to be slightly insane as I’m going to be at Mics of The Roundtable at The Acoustic Cafe on Wednesday, I might be at karaoke night at SBC again on Thursday, on Friday I have the second edition of The Cut at The Acoustic Cafe and on Saturday night I might be heading to Shea for the Mets game. At least I know one thing’s for sure, I shouldn’t be at a loss for things to write and talk about.
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