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Punking The Beautiful
Thursday, June 09, 2005
Last night I decided to relent and finally tune in to Ashton Kucher’s latest project, Beauty & The Geek. As far as I can tell the main question the show ends up asking viewers is "is it better to be socially inept or borderline retarded?" Both the girls and the guys think the other side has no conversation skills and they’re both right to a certain extent. To me the funniest aspect of the show is one that’s not inherently obvious. By Kucher showing all these beautiful women to be less than intelligent (one even thought 1942 was when "Columbus sailed the ocean blue") he’s subliminally punking all the Hollywood-type women he’s ever gone out with. He’s basically saying "you think it’s great dating these women? Look at the crap I deal with!" The sad thing is most of the vapid women that should be watching probably aren’t and wouldn’t get that the joke’s on them anyways.

With the home office set up I’ve been getting A LOT more work done. The first half of the week has seen me finally get some money out of a magazine that’s owed me for two months, get another story potentially accepted, get the contact email of another editor I’m looking to pitch to, do two more interviews (Capone and Ahmad) and set up an interview with Hot Karl. I’m REALLY looking forward to speaking with Hot Karl as "The Great Escape" is one of my favorite albums of the year.

One company did something very dangerous with their mailing to me this week, they sent a DVD. Normally I hate getting promotional DVD’s because they’re poorly shot and a waste of time, but this one was different, this one was of Miri Ben-Ari. It was the fastest a DVD has ever made it from my mailbox to my PS2. DAYUM she looks fine in that "Sunshine To The Rain" video! I’m currently in the process of setting up an interview with her. Maybe she’ll even remember our meeting backstage at the Subliminal show at BB King’s.

Today or tomorrow I should hear back from a very major potential sponsor regarding whether they want to be a part of The Cut or not. They sounded into what we’re doing when we spoke on the phone so here’s hoping they say yes because a second major sponsor would be really huge for us. Over at The Cut we also finalized our August roster this week and will be designing our flyers this weekend.

I’m slightly amazed I’m getting so much work done this week. The heat has been almost unbearable and I still relying on fans to keep me cool. I have air conditioners but the effect they have on my electric bill isn’t something I’m very fond of. I’d rather be warm, or do all my work in a sleeveless shirt and shorts, than see one of my bills double over the course of a month.

Not much else to report right now. I’ll probably be spending the majority of the weekend writing up stories, watching the Mets and reading. I need a nice quiet weekend in..... at least that’s what my wallet says.
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