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Last Night A Geek Saved My Life
Saturday, June 11, 2005
Yesterday was certainly one for the books. I managed to catch a computer virus that straight up crippled my PC. I’m pretty good at finding and curing viruses on my computer, or at least I thought I was, but this one in particular had me stumped. I couldn’t Ctrl + Alt Delete it and once I found it on my hard drive I couldn’t delete it there either, all I kept getting was a message that said it was "in use" so it couldn’t be deleted. I knew what had to be done, I had to find the virus in the regedit of my computer. The regedit, however, is a very dangerous thing. If you delete the wrong file you pretty much destroy your computer. Knowing this I only checked the usual virus spots. I found nothing. Depressed, I called up my Mom (good ol’ Mom) and asked her to look up the number for Geek Squad. I had seen their ads and they seemed legit.

One I got my geek on the phone he walked me through everything and got rid of the offending files. He also recommended I download Trojan Hunter and run it on my computer. Turns out I had more trojans on my computer than in my bathroom cabinet. I’m hoping all the computer virus issues will be kept to a minimum from now on, but we’re talking about computers so Lord only knows.

After the joy of debugging last night I finished Wild and Outside. It’s a fantastic book about the start, and first two seasons, of the Northern League, a pioneer independent baseball league. It’s really incredible to see what both the owners and the players went through in making the league a success. One thing’s a given, as long as a team owner’s name is Veeck you can be pretty sure, at the very least, that team will be a success. I’m not sure what book I’ll be starting on next, but I’m leaning towards another baseball book. I seem to be in a baseball kind of mood. Maybe it’s because it’s baseball season, but that would be too obvious so I’ll have to make up something better than that.

This upcoming week is going to be an extremely busy one. It’s another one of those four events in five nights kind of weeks. I plan on being very cool and ridiculously adult about it and leave all the events at a reasonable hour. I’m looking forward to Monday’s event in the city, it’s the Connex List party that they have whenever they come out with a new issue. It just so happens that I have the cover story for this issue so I feel I should probably make an appearance. Also, Jeru The Damaja and Heather Hunter (yes THAT Heather Hunter) will be at the party and I think the world needs a picture of me with Heather Hunter, LOL. I’d also love to try to get one, if not both, Hunter and Jeru to come to The Cut in July.

Fantasy Update: I’m a jerk when it comes to fantasy baseball. This one team has been dying to get a third baseman from me, knowing this, the second the Braves called up their top notch third base prospect Andy Marte I was on it and picked him up. Yes, this means I now have five players that qualify at third, two of whom also qualify at short, but hey, it’s how I play the game. If he wants a third baseman he’s gotta go through me and I can pretty much ask for whatever I want in a trade because I’ve cornered (no pun intended) the market on third baseman. YES!

I’d also like to add that I’m over 50 RBI’s ahead of the number two team in the category and over a dozen homers over the number two team in the HR category. My goal this year when drafting was to load up and power and get decent pitching in the middle rounds. Did I mention my staff is leading the league in wins? OK, we’re hurting in K’s, bad, but for not drafting a pitcher till the 11th round I’m kicking major arse in the wins column. I love it when a plan comes together!
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