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No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Friday, May 27, 2005
Lord only knows how this post is going to turn out, I’m runnin on a little less than four hours of sleep (thanks a lot you noisy ass plumbers waking me up crazy early). Last night I was in the city for a Nappy Roots event at a club called NA. Now you know a club thinks pretty highly of itself when it doesn’t even have a sign, just the club’s initials next to the door, the basic premise being if you don’t know where it is you don’t belong there. I decided to rock my Elemental Magazine T-shirt to the event knowing full well most everyone else would be in typical New York City club garb. I figured I could do what they were doing and "fit in," or express myself a little more and be true. In fact, after seeing all the people in the club dressed like metrosexuals it made me laugh. All those sheep doing what they’re told is cool rather than creating cool themselves. I did meet one highly original person, however, a guy who had half a mustache and half a beard so he literally looked like a completely different person depending on what side you approached him on. So while I may not have been quite as original as that guy, I at least didn’t look like everyone else.

The train ride home from the city was interesting. I loathe the 1:30AM train but there were quite a few people on it that were all in their 20’s and we struck up various conversations to pass the time. There was one very attractive girl, but she had her iPod headphones on. After about a half hour or forty five minutes I sat down next to her, which startled her a little bit, but she took off the headphones and we started talking. I swear those iPods and PSPs are going to end up destroying the concept of interpersonal relationships. More and more I see people walking with their heads down paying attention to their latest electronic marvel, ignoring the world, bumping into other people and not even saying excuse me. I also think they’re making us dumber. Ten years ago I knew all my friends’ phone numbers, now I can only recite a few because they’re all programmed into my cell phone. Am I using the space in my brain that used to go to that for something else? Who knows, but it’s definitely weird that we have a current generation of kids who will never feel the need to try to remember a phone number.

Earlier in the week I was kickin back and relaxing at The Acoustic Cafe. Far East and C-Boogie were performing and I wanted to show support. It was a great night, the vibe was really nice and I saw quite a few familiar faces. It was also cool that C-Boogie remembered me and greeted me as soon as I walked into the place. I guess I’m developing a rep for being someone artists want to have at their shows. Oh yeah, and then there’s The Cut.

I’m finally launching The Cut and it’s going to be a monthly concert series starting Friday, July 15th at The Acoustic Cafe. We have an amazing lineup for the first show (click the above link to access the full lineup and the artists’ web sites) and Elemental Magazine has already signed on to be a sponsor. I’m working with Exotic Recordings on this venture and people are already excited about the show even though it’s still a month and a half away. I’m one of the many folks that can be counted as excited. It’s really fulfilling to see The Cut coming to fruition and the big payoff will be when I’m standing on that stage in July hosting the show in front of a packed house.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 6:13 PM  
  • At 2:34 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    I've always wanted to go to New York.Ever considered moving there;you seem to go there frequently.

    I actually have an Ipod shuffle,and I have to admit that listening to it is a way for me to non-verbally say,"I don't want to be bothered" or "Leave me alone".Comes in handy when I'm on the bus,and some annoying kid wants to talk to me.But I totally agree with you and the electronics thing.We're so dependent on them it's sad.

    Did you atleast get the girl's number?

    Anyway,good luck to you with the cut.Sounds like it'll be bomb.

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