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You're Gonna Get Knocked Out
Sunday, April 10, 2005
Part of me wants to recap the finale of The Ultimate Fighter in the order in which the fights occurred, but let’s face it, any recap of the night that doesn’t have the Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonner fight front and center is just rediculous. I’ll admit I got this one wrong. After seeing Bonner beat Bobby Southworth, a bigger fighter, and then submit Mike Swick with just two seconds to go in the first round, I figured him to go over on Forrest who, although he’s probably the contestant I’d most like to chill and get a beer with, was featured as more of a happy go lucky type of guy.

The fight was a war, going the full 15 minutes. Forrest was cut badly on his nose in the second round, a round I’m absolutely positive went to Bonner. I figured, incorrectly, that this would affect Forrest’s game plan. I guess I forgot this is the same man who had his arm broken in a fight but still won it by knocking his opponent out with his good arm. Both fighters were tremendous, giving everything they had and it showed, big time. Forrest was declared the winner by a unanimous 29-28 decision, but the UFC awarded BOTH fighters six figure deals, though Forrest also came away with a car, dirtbike and a watch he said he thought he could get a lot of money for when he pawned it. Bet the sponser was thrilled to hear that. I thought it was great that both fighters were rewarded as even the commentators were saying it was the most hard fought fight they’d ever seen.

In the middleweight bout I was completely on the money as Diego Sanchez defeated Kenny Florian about halfway through the first round. This one went exactly as I thought it would. Kenny didn’t get very much offense in and once it went to the ground it was all Diego. The only question I had about this fight was if the girl in the Baby Phat outfit with his parents was his girlfriend / wife or his sister. They never said. While I’m on the subject of women, though, how hot was the girl Chris Leban was with!?!?! WOWSERS! Kudos to Chris who must have some amazing game.

In the main event, which had a lot to live up to since it followed the Griffen vs. Bonner fight, Ken Shamrock lost to Rich Franklin in the first round, getting pummeled on the ground after a missed round house kick caused him to slip and fall. At one point in the round Shamrock had a heel lock on but Franklin found a way out. After the fight Franklin thanked Shamrock for the opportunity and Shamrock then gave a mini speech which showed an equal amount of class. He explained that he understands the nature of the business and that he realized if he won it would be a good win, but if he lost it would simply elevate a younger fighter to stardom. You hear that HHH? You hear that Undertaker?

The quote of the night, for me at least, came when Rich Franklin saw Joe Rogan coming over to interview him and Franklin started scratching his neck and saying in high pitched voice, "hey Joe Rogan," imitating Dave Chappelle’s crackhead character from when Chappelle’s Show did Fear Factor. I almost fell off the sofa I was laughing so hard. A close second for quote of the night was Forrest saying "Damn I’m ugly" after seeing himself on the big screen after his fight.

All in all it was a great finale. Apparently the dark matches were pretty dope, too. Gotta love Sam Hogar taking it to Bobby Southworth and continuing one of the best storylines of the whole show. This one has to go somewhere. For the dark match results hit up this link to Wrestling Observer. I only wish I had the dough to spend on the PPV next week. Ah well, I guess I have to get out and have a life some time, right?

Fantasy Update: What’s with Joe Randa all of a sudden? This guy comes back over to the NL and is suddenly an All-Star. Of course him and Detroit’s Dmitri Young have to be considered candidates to be this year’s Tuffy Rhodes, but still, Randa tore it up this week and I’m damned impressed, he’s not on my team, though, so F him. LOL!

When it comes to my team I had three starters go today, Gavin Floyd of the Phillies, Horacio Ramirez of the Braves and Brandon Backe of the Astros. Floyd was masterful, Backe was aiight, and Ramirez messed me over THREE WAYS! First the Braves beat the Mets, that pissed me off, but Ramirez left the game after pitching 4 2/3 (knowing damned well you need 5 for a win) WHILE LEADING! Add to that the crazy high WHIP he had on the day and Mr. Ramirez is not welcome anywhere near me right now. And last but not least, I hated seeing my Mets lose again, but a least the Brain Jordan homer may make him worth something in a trade.

Stat Attack: 0 IP 3ER. Thanks a lot Brain Fuentes. I put you in at closer and you immediately pull a Looper. Ugh!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 12:49 AM  
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