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Friday, April 29, 2005
First off I really wish I wasn’t blogging right now. I was supposed to be at the Snoop Dogg / Game concert at the Hartford Civic Center but it got pushed till June 3rd. I’m not sure why it got pushed back, but if Snoop and Game can’t sell out a concert in CT we’re doomed as a state when it comes to Hip-Hop. How can we expect our artists to get any recognition if current superstars are passed over?

Speaking of current superstars it seems American Idol favorite Bo Bice has a bit of a past. It’s funny, most of the time when we hear someone has had a history with drugs it’s thought of as something overtly negative. In the case of Bo, however, the fact that he’s had a few drug related run-ins with the law simply adds to his rocker credibility. He’s still the contestant I’d most like to have a beer with..... well, not including Carrie, but with her beer is most certainly not the first thing on my mind.

In other Idol news it seems season two cast off Corey Clark is making the interesting claim that he was sleeping with Paula Abdul during the filming of the show. I know this season Paula has become almost completely useless as a judge, and I’m hoping she’s doing more things behind the scenes with the contestants, but not necessarily what Clark is suggesting. Clark has a spotty history, including an assault charge levied by his sister which was the cause of his dismissal from Idol. Another thing that makes this strange is that Paula isn’t exactly the catch she was in the late 80’s / early 90’s. It’s 2005, if you’re on national TV every week you should be getting plenty of girls your own age! Oh yeah, I forgot, you were too busy smakin ‘em up, right? Good luck selling that book of yours. Does anyone else wonder if he employed Ike Turner as a ghostwriter?

I was at the grocery store today, to change topics completely without a decent segue, and picked up the latest issue of Black Belt Magazine, (hey, I am one so it’s usually of interest) not only becuse it has Jet Li on the cover, but because it features an article on a woman who ranks extremely high on the wifey scale, Kerri Kasem. Daughter of Casey Kasem, Kerri is not only gorgeous, not only is she in radio and TV, but she’s also an MMA fanatic who trains heavily and is a pre and post fight interviewer for UFC. Man oh man the leg locks we could put on each other would be beautiful. Oh yeah, and the training would be fun, too.

Keeping with the grappling theme I want to send out a very big rest in peace to Chris Candito of TNA Wrestling (formerly of ECW). Candito broke his leg during a match for a TNA PPV this week. That sounds fairly normal, but only a few days later, despite having what seemed to be successful surgery to fix it, he passed away. This is a strange story and hopefully more details will be learned in the coming weeks. It’s very sad, however, especially since Candito’s star was on the rise at the time of his passing.

In happier news I’ve had a few paychecks make their way to me this week as well as copies of the issue of Soak Magazine that has my Game interview in it. I’m lovin the magazine as a whole and wish it was national. The mag is currently only on newsstands in the Chicago area, so if you live there check it out and let me know what you think.

The interviews are coming fast and furious for May. I already have four scheduled for next week and I’m looking to schedule five more for the first half of the month. Gotta keep gettin those good interviews so those checks will keep showin up. This weekend I’m writing up my three most recent interviews. Lemme tell ya, seeing those checks is really rewarding, it lets me know that I’m actually doing something. It lets me know that working out of my home is real work, cuz ya know there are times when people look at me like "WTF are you doing? You’re at the gym two hours a day, how are getting by?" Hey, I don’t question it, I just enjoy it.

Speaking of work related things, Grand Scheem stopped by In Da Mixx this past Tuesday to debut his groundbreaking single "The Greatest Scheem Ever Sold." This was awesome for us at In Da Mixx because Scheem lives in Miami, so having him be in the area and want to appear on our show was something special for us. Now if only one of those major stations would notice!

Fantasy Update: The waiver wires were kind to me this week as I snagged Jeff Fassero as soon as Armando Benitez went down with an injury. Fassero should get a handful of save opportunities and may even get the chance to win the closer’s job full time in San Francisco if all goes well. Right now my closer duo of Fassero and Derrick Turnbow makes me laugh every time I see it simply because I might have a legitimate shot to compete for a top four slot in saves with two guys I picked up off the waiver wire. I LOVE THIS GAME!

One thing I did not love this week was the cancellation of the Rockies double header (due to SNOW of all things). I lost out on my chance to have five players play two at Coors Field. Dang! At least I’ll have the chance to see those stats later in the year.
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