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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
The entertainment world is a tricky place when it comes to dating. Some think those in the entertainment world have more options due to their jobs, but, in fact, it’s the other way around. The other day I came across an article on DaveyD’s website that shed some more light on this. The crux of the article was about the Kim Osorio situation at The Source, which I’ve already covered, but a few great points about dating while working in the music industry were brought up. I’ve always stated that one big reason I remain single is the hours that I work. Some weeks work is light and I’m around while other weeks, like this week for instance, I’ll have four events in four nights. You’d be hard pressed to find a significant other who’d put up with a schedule like that and quite frankly I wouldn’t want to put someone in a situation where they’d be asked to.

I think the DaveyD article hits the nail right on the head with this quote:

We’re in a business where it causes havoc on most relationships where your other half doesn’t fully understand because she’s not in the biz. Long nights, constant club hopping, concerts, off the wall hours, and constant travel, can really only be understood by someone who lives in the same world.

I whole-heartedly agree with this. I’ve dated a few women who worked in the biz and, other issues aside, the scheduling of our lives was something we both understood. My main problem comes with the idea of dating someone within the industry where you can each potentially affect each other’s work. One example of this would be if I, a journalist, were to date a publicist. There would be, no matter how big the respect factor was, a point in time where I’d be interviewing one of her artists and suddenly be burdened with the task of being honest in my article while trying to not piss off my girlfriend. Even if an article that doesn’t put the artist in the best light doesn’t directly piss her off, when the artist reads it they’ll be pissed and, yup, you guessed it, give the publicist hell. This is why, despite what the article says, I think some entertainment industry relationships are still bad ideas.

For the most part, however, I agree with DaveyD that if a person is working in entertainment it’s much easier to have a relationship with another person in entertainment. The only thing that takes some getting used to is that even if you live together it’s going to feel like a long distance relationship at times. This is also why, despite inter-entertainment dating being the way to go for those in entertainment, the majority of celebrity marriages fail. You can’t have a long distance marriage.

In other entertainment related news I placed a few more articles this week. Connex List, which is a tri-state area publication that acts as a yellow pages for those in the industry, will be running my Styles P and Insanate interviews; Soak, a Chicago area magazine, has accepted my Omarion interview; and Pop and Politics, a California based website, will be running a dope article I wrote about McDonald’s attempting to get rappers to name drop the Big Mac in their songs (link coming soon). By mid-summer my clip book is going to look fantastic and should, I hope, warrant some serious looks for staff positions.

Fantasy Update: Damn you Khalil Greene! Broken finger, out for a month. I picked up Pirates utility infielder Freddy Sanchez to take his place. Yeah, not exactly the cream of the crop but better than a kick in the pants.... or Ty Wigginton. I cut my losses with Gavin Floyd a few days ago after getting a good outing from Halsey and seeing that Brad Penny should be back this weekend. I’m not thrilled Penny’s first start back coming off of an injury is in Colorado, but with his fastball reaching 97 on the gun the other day at his rehab start I’m pretty confident in his ability to get people out.

Brandon Backe got me a win last night that surprised me. It didn’t surprise me that he won, it surprised me that he was pitching because I could have sworn when I checked the scheduled starters for the day he wasn’t one of them. I was looking at the scores on Yahoo last night, though, and lo and behold there was Backe with 7IP 8K’s and a big W. Gotta love an unexpected victory.
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