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Friday, March 18, 2005
Another day another show. On Wednesday night I hit up the poorly named Acoustic Cafe to see my boy Eclipse host The Flow, his monthly freestyle event (seriously, Acoustic, change your name. You’re so rarely acoustic at this point that it’s borderline comical). Eclipse is a real MC and loves the art of freestyling so there were a ton of exercises performed on stage including the MC’s having to act out scenes created on the spot and one segment where audience members would suggest two words the MC couldn’t say and if we heard them say it we’d all scream at them like it was Pee Wee’s Playhouse. While the MCing was hot, something even more interesting happened at the show, I bumped into someone I went to grade school with! It’s always cool to meet up with someone after that many years, it’s a real indicator of the act of growing up. Kinda scary, but at the same time, very very cool.

I felt a little bad that night as I had two other events that conflicted that I also wanted to go to. Kameko was playing in NYC and my boy O*Asiatic was in a producers competition, also in NYC. It was one of those nights where I really wish I could have been in three places at once. In the end I’m glad I went to The Flow since I not only had a great time, but also met up with an old friend.

Work is coming fast and furious, unfortunately I haven’t been able to sell nearly as many articles this month as I had hoped. I’m taking a new approach to my work, however, as I’m going to start focusing on the artists and groups I see making a difference and I feel are worth writing about. Publications, both print and online, along with radio, are so focused on only a certain type of artist, or a certain type of story, and there’s so much they’re missing. I want to bring that element to them, I want to show them what they’re missing and let the people know what else is out there in Hip-Hop today. I figure that way when I get my articles picked up it’ll be like when XXL picked up my Subliminal article, it’s not just something that has my byline, but something I’m really behind and believe in. Incidentally I’m hearing that issue will be hitting newsstands next week and the issue of Elemental that has my Big Noyd interview and my Top 5 songs of the month in the back is out right now (#65 with Pharoahe Monch on the cover).

My upcoming week is already pretty much set as I’ve already scheduled two interviews plus I have some major errands to handle, like getting my taxes done. I have a horrible feeling freelancing is going to mess up my tax return like crazy. I’m not expecting to be getting much back from the government this year, hopefully I’ll get enough to pay a bill, or buy myself a nice meal.

Final Thought:

Me and Miri Ben-Ari. Don’t we look good together? I mean, I’m just sayin!
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