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It Feels Good
Saturday, January 08, 2005
It may not have been the most exciting week ever, but there were definitely some things worth talking about. First and foremost I had two days during the week where I nearly threw my phones out a window they was ringing so much. It’s nice to be loved and all, but dang, give me an occasional break!

I spent the majority of the week setting up artist interviews and call-ins. I had a great interview with Big Noyd of Mobb Deep on Wednesday, in fact, it was so great that he even commented to me that out of all the interviews he’d done that day mine was not only the best, but the one he ended up revealing the most while doing. Let me tell you, nothing feels better when doing an interview than having the person you’re speaking with tell you how great a job you’re doing. These artists do hundreds of interviews, so to hear I’ve made an impact as a journalist is a great feeling. I’ve actually run into artists years after interviewing them and they’ve told me they remember me because of the questions I ask. It feels good to get props from the artists, because I ask some damned hard questions. It’s good to know that still earns respect. Hopefully an editor will pick up on that... and pick up the article.

When it comes to the art of pitching I’m not exactly tossing a perfect game. I’m still searching for a magazine that understands my vision for one of my articles and it’s killing me. I really love the article, and I know it’s dope, the only problem is that magazines seem to be afraid to take it on. If I don’t get this one placed I’ll be very upset. What might perk me up, though, is that I have another article that’s now being looked at by a magazine. I refuse to lose, baby, refuse to lose!

Tonight (that would be Friday night) I hung out at The Green Room in Bridgeport. A friend of mine had been telling me to go there and tonight she invited me out to have a drink. Not only did I have a good time, but I really dug the atmosphere. There was lots of old furniture around, and if you get there early enough you can sit in a nice comfy chair. We were there early enough and didn’t relinquish our seats for the rest of the night. The bartender has a heavy hand at The Green Room and it’s much appreciated. Overall I’d have to say it was a great night. It’s a rarity when two people can spend three hours just talking, but my friend and I managed to do it and I think we probably could have gone for three hours more. What a great way to start the weekend!

Tomorrow (I guess technically today) I’m going to try to hit the movies because The Motorcycle Diaries is at my local $3 theater and I’ve been wanting to see it for a while. That’s one of those flicks that I’ll even go to see by myself I want to see it so much. I just have to make sure I’ll be home in time to watch the Jets - Chargers game.

Final Thought - I'm not exactly the biggest Alicia Keys fan in the world, but "Karma" is ridiculously sexy. If you’re reading this, holla at me! ;o)
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