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Ruining My Night
Saturday, October 23, 2004
I had it all planned out. It was going to be the perfect Friday night. I had two tickets to see Steven Wright, one of the best comedians alive, and a hottie was going with me. On Monday I asked this girl if she would be my date for the show and she said yes. We even planned on having a late dinner afterwards. I was hoping that after dinner we could chill for a bit. I’m going through a bit of crappy time in my life right now and having someone to just sit and chill with is always nice. This is something most of my friends realize, which is why the aren’t letting me be alone for the majority of the weekend.

Anyways, my Friday night hottie showed up at my krib and we went to the show. Steven Wright was freakin amazing! If you ever have the chance to see him, DO IT! His jokes are so rapid fire I could only remember a couple (he musta reeled off over 300 jokes in the hour and forty five minutes he was on stage), but dude is seriously hilarious. I especially liked the concept of hooking up your brake lights to your gas pedal so when the light turns green you floor it but everybody behind you stays stopped and confused. I also enjoyed the idea that his sister wasn’t really a part of his family since all his brothers had a sister but she didn’t.

My perfect night, however, was actually ruined before the show. The girl I decided to take to the show, the girl who accepted my invite to be my date, decided to tell me she wasn’t going to want to eat afterwards because she had plans with her "sorta pseudo boyfriend." I was a little pissed about this. I had planned a great night that she had said yes to and now I felt like I was basically getting jacked for my extra ticket. I say jacked because this is the same girl that got jealous and cockblocked me a few weeks back. She probably just took the ticket to make sure I didn’t end up going with a girl who might actually be interested enough in me to make it a real date. This is super shady, and not cool at all. You can be sure I will NOT be asking her to another event again because even if I knew we were just going "as friends" (though friends don’t really pull that kinda shit on friends) I would have taken another friend who I would have been able to spend more time with afterwards.

The last thing I needed tonight was to spend the majority of it alone, but that’s exactly what happened. At first I blamed myself but as one of my friends pointed out to me, even though I may be saying that, when I spell it all out I’m not blaming myself, I fully realize this one’s the girl’s fault. She knew what kinda situation I was in tonight, she had the power on Monday to say "I’ll take the ticket if you can’t find a date," she had the power to cancel whatever else she had planned. The only thing that was my fault was that I believed her heavy flirting and I went and got myself involved in this mess by asking her out in the first place. That bit of poor judgment is on me, all the rest is on her.

I’ve never enjoyed the bullshit games aspect of dating, and as I get older those games get more and more annoying. My main question now is how come I’ve matured past the games but so many of the girls I end up dating haven’t?
posted by Adam Bernard @ 1:51 AM  
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