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Anti-Theft Device
Monday, September 13, 2004
On Saturday I inadvertently made it quite hard for anyone to break into my car, including me. After returning from the grocery store I turned the key to lock my car door when all of a sudden I felt no resistance. At first I thought "oh shit, my key just broke off in the lock," but as I slowly pulled my key out of the lock I saw it was still in once piece. A little confused, I attempted to lock the car again. This time around the key did a full circle around the lock, never actually locking the door. It was at this point that I realized the lock had been stripped.

With the lock being stripped I now have to open my car from the passenger side and lean over to unlock the driver’s side just to get in. This is kinda pricey to get fixed, though, and I’ve already put more money into my car than I should I’m probably just going to keep it this way for a while. This may seem like an inconvenience, because it is, but it DOES act like a heck of an anti-theft device. Even I can’t get into my car easily, so if a thief can get into my car on the driver’s side I’d really appreciate them lettin me in on the secret of how.

In other news I hit up The Acoustic Cafe on Friday night to see my good friends The Saucers perform. The turnout wasn’t as big as I had hoped it would be, but this is CT, and people sleep on local artists. I also heard there were a few afternoon festivals and people may have been turning in early. Despite the lack of folks there I did manage to link up with some interesting people, most notably two people from The Domino Effect. The Domino Effect is a local group that encourages political awareness through the arts. I was really diggin their vibe. They also created some hot shirts for the local artists urging people to vote. I plan on making their next meeting and getting some of their members on In Da Mixx in the very near future.

Speaking of In Da Mixx, this week we’ll have Nervous System on the show. They’ll be debuting new tracks and getting crazy on the air. For those who read my blog on a regular basis ya’ll know Nervous System is one of my favorite groups in the state and we’ve been hyping this show for a while, so trust we’re looking forward to this one, big time.

The Giants made the rest of my weekend a bit of a disaster. I swear, I’m gonna get a big bottle of Tums and put a Giants logo on it just to see how much of it I use up during the season. Let’s just say if Toomer and Shockey keep dropping passes the bottle won’t last long.

Final Thought: Did Kanye West really admit to stealing beats in this month’s issue of Scratch? I don’t care how many cell phone ads you’re in, you’re still officially one of the lamest artists ever if this is true (fuck it, technically you aren’t even an artist at this point). The sad thing is the majority of the people out there won’t even care. But don’t worry Hip-Hop, some of us out here still love you, and will continue to rep you properly, even if the cats getting all the shine aren’t doing it legit, WE know what the deal is. Just remember Kanye, one falls as equally fast as they rise, and everything one does comes back around on them. This will get interesting.
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