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Getting Placement, Baby!
Monday, August 30, 2004
Congrats to me! Elemental Magazine is going to be publishing my interview with Wale Oyejide, the artist formerly known as Science Fiction, in an upcoming issue. The article is approximately 1,500 words long and is going to be a feature story. This has the potential to be huge for me as, and I know I’m biased here, it’s one of my best articles to date. To go with the placement in Elemental I’m also waiting to hear back from two other magazines regarding interviews I’ve pitched. Right now I’m hoping to at least get one out of two placed.

Parents, don’t let your kids grow up to be writers, freelancing is ridiculously difficult and I know it sounds strange but it’s usually easier to get a story than it is to sell it. If you’re going to write you’re going to have to take the kind of attitude I have adopted, I write for the love of writing and if anything monetary comes my way because of it it’s just icing on the cake.

On to stories of the booty! My friend Amy, who I used to work with, sent me a link to a great advertising company, ass-vertise. These cats actually put ads on drawrs then have models go through the streets of Manhattan flashing their butts to people so everyone can see the ad. I absolutely love the concept and it WILL be discussed on In Da Mixx tomorrow night. We also have a guest on the show tomorrow as The O.R.D.E.R is making a return appearance! The O.R.D.E.R is one of the top up and coming groups in the state and are always great guests. Realize, we limit the number of guests we have so when you hear we’re having someone come on the show it means we think a lot of them.

Still on music, sort of, I watched all of ten minutes of the MTV awards last night. Ten minutes was all I needed to know I didn’t need to watch any more of it. I saw Andre from Outkast win the "Best Hip-Hop Video" award for a song and video that had nothing to do with Hip-Hop. The only video that even qualified, in my mind, was Kanye West’s "All Falls Down," and anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike Kanye so for me to say that he, hands down, deserved the award says a lot about the choices in the category. Anyways, Andre accepted his award dressed like Puffy’s errand boy Farnsworth Bently. It was pathetic. Over the past few years Andre has really started to give off a minstrel vibe and I find it very uncomfortable to watch anything he does. It’s gotten to the point where I just want to refer to him as Mantan. The rest of America seems to love it, but at one point in time the rest of America loved minstrel shows, as well, so I’m sure as hell not going by those standards.

Final Thought: Mike Williams of USC was straight up screwed. The NFL and the U.S. Justice System (which is fast becoming an oxymoron) failed him by altering the rules regarding the draft after he had declared, and the NCAA REALLY failed him by not letting him back on the team even though he paid back all the money given to him when he thought he was going pro and went to summer school to get his grades up. Way to show kids early on that the system is only there to fuck us over.
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