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Like Water For Pro-Tools
Thursday, July 15, 2004
In Da Mixx on Tuesday was one of our best shows ever. Substantial, Insanate and O*Asiatic were back and they always come correct both lyrically and humor-wise. They had a phenomenal freestyle session, but the highlight of the night was when O*Asiatic called me out for bringing in Tatyana Ali's "Kiss The Sky" album. All I was going to do was play "Daydreamin" as our throwback joint of the day but man was I ripped on air. He went through the entire track listing and as he did I was playing 30 seconds of every track. It was pretty hilarious. O*Asiatic eventually commented that she couldn't sing and everyone was making jokes. I ended up with one of the top jokes of the night when discussing artists that couldn't sing, referring to one album as "Like Water For Pro-Tools." I've been told that comment will be making a mixtape in the near future, LOL!

Immediately after the show I picked up my official Make Da Face T-shirt from Substantial. If you don't have one of these you're simply not cool. That's right, I said it..... and I bet you're makin da face right now because I did, heck, I'm makin da face, in fact, we all are!

The lowlight of the night came after the show when Fairfield U security decided to harass ALL of us at different intervals as we were trying to leave the campus and go home. Message to security, if we're trying to leave, just help us out and let us know which exists are open. I can understand them being wary of people coming on to the campus at 1AM, but we were LEAVING!

Wednesday I had a job interview in NYC and it was a little strange. I'm not going to shout out any company names because I don't want to put it out there like that, but I interviewed with two people at the company, one of whom seemed generally enthused to be speaking with me, the other seemed to need a gigantic case of antidepressants. Regardless, I feel I did well so maybe I'll hear from them in a few weeks when they're done interviewing potential candidates.

After my interview I headed to MTV to meet up with one of my boys and drop off a set of my resume and clips with him. Hopefully he can get people aware of who I am. I interviewed at MTV once, but according to what I've heard they never actually hired anyone in the position I was applying for. They DO know me, however, so hopefully all the hard work I've put in will pay off. It also makes me feel a little better that I wasn't passed over for another person. At the time I wasn't hired because nobody was hired, which isn't too bad. At least I had the opportunity to meet some people.

After MTV another one of my friends met me for dinner before I headed home. I ended up getting home just in time to catch the first new episode of Date Patrol this season. I was really eager to see how they were being edited since my episode will be airing on the 28th (set your TiVo's!). From what I saw I have to think that my episode will be awesome. The clips were quicker and the show was a lot more fast paced than last season. This will make for great TV in my case since I'm the king of side comments.

Still not sure what I'll be up to this weekend, though for reasons unknown I'm fairly confident it will be a good one.
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