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Clean Sweep!
Monday, July 05, 2004
Huge weekend, absolutely huge weekend. My Mets pulled off a three game sweep of the hated yank-me's. The little team from Queens beat up on the billion dollar brats from The Bronx and it was a thing of beauty. There's not much that can compare to the feeling of winning, especially when the team you beat is one you especially dislike, so I'm walking on air right now. The only bad part of the entire series was the commentary on Fox. Tim McCarver STILL can't get over the fact that the Mets fired him and it's obvious by the way he roots for the yankees incessantly during his broadcasts. He even went as far as to open game two by saying how great a week the yankees had been having. Uh, Timmy, did you see the game the night before when the Mets waxed 'em 11-2? Yeah, great week, dummy. Oh yeah and speaking of commentary, I have a message for the YES Network's Susan "I can't wait to jump any yankee cock" Waldman, lots of pitchers give up home runs to Ty Wigginton, so get over it. It's amazing how every time the yankees lose they try to blame it on something other than the fact that they got beaten by a better team. The time has finally come Mets fans, stand up, be proud, we own New York!!!

Still on the topic of baseball, it's time to reveal one of my stranger hobbies. I collect Carlos Martinez memorabilia. Baseball cards, game used equipment, autographed merchandise, you name it, I'm tryin to get my hands on it. Carlos isn't a well known player, he spent time with the White Sox, Indians and Angels, but never really gained fame. I first saw Carlos when he was in the minors rehabbing an injury. Canton-Akron was in town to the play the New Britain Red Sox and Carlos was getting some swings in with the AA version of the Indians before heading back up the majors. Swings are one thing, but steals are another. On this particular day Carlos Martinez taught us all a lesson in base stealing. After showing off his bellyflop-like dive earlier in the game we were all loving his inability to run the basepaths, apparently the manager of the team wanted to give us something to enjoy because he sent Carlos on a 3-2 pitch. The pitch came in for ball four but that didn't stop our section from yelling "slide Carlos, slide!" And slide he did. His bellyflop landed him a good six inches from the bag and force fed him a chunk of the infield dirt. Ever since that day I have been a collector of all things Carlos. Call me crazy, but that's one of my favorite baseball memories of all-time. I'm sure he wouldn't be thrilled with WHY I'm his biggest fan, but if he's reading this at least he knows he has someone with that title. So why did I tell this story? So I could add on how happy I am that I ordered seven Carlos cards this weekend! Yeah, I'm strange, but if you read this site that's something you probably already know.
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