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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
Politcally Speaking

OK, for the most part I've avoided politics on this blog, but with elections fast approaching I think it's about time to throw in my two cents. John Kerry came out with the tough stance the other day (sarcasm) that he felt teachers should be paid more. Well guess what, I don't (and I want to be a teacher at some point). Teachers should get paid more if they actually educate our youth, but right now the kids are stupid, at least in terms of school. Sure they can cheat on tests by using technologies in their phones we can't even conceive of, but they can't even read a fuckin book. Give the teachers raises if they produce results. Affirmative Action wouldn't have to be if we had some decent teachers who wanted to reach the kids rather than reach for their car keys as soon as the bell rings. Now don't get me wrong, there are some great teachers out there, but they're far outnumbered by the crappy ones. Think about the teachers that have had an impact on your life, if the number is higher than five consider yourself blessed, but also realize you still had 20+ teachers that didn't have an impact.

This brings me to my list of stuff I wish Bush and Kerry were talking about. Yes I know Gay Marriage and whether or not a disenchanted Kerry threw ribbons in a body of water after coming back from Vietnam are obviously the most important issues affecting our country, but I've got some things I'd like addressed. I should really run for office some day to get this shit straightened out.

1) Employment. Seriously, despite the numbers saying new jobs are being created, do you know anybody who's gotten a new job recently? NO. The key to a rebirth of our economy is simple and I'm gonna lay it all out right here, so Bush, listen to me and at least give me my props when this works! Eliminate internships. Simple as that. If we eliminated internships our economy would boon like you can't even imagine. Internships were a good idea at the start, when they were a way for a person to get to know a company and their policies, when they were a bottom rung on the ladder. The problem now is an internship isn't even on the company ladder. The rich CEO's keep giving themselves raises and can do so because they have a ton of interns, which are now used as entry level employees just without the entry level salaries and without the hope of ever advancing in the company. Why hire someone you'd have to pay when you can find someone else who will work for free? Here's why; in ten years, when people start retiring, NOBODY will have the proper training and know-how to take over. Companies will be fucked in new ways, and why, because the billionaire CEO wanted another helicopter rather than advancing John and Jane Doe up the company ladder. We are going to have a country full of marginally-skilled people who are qualified to do next to nothing. Eliminate internships, force the CEO's to pay people and all of a sudden the ship rights itself. More people make money, more people become skilled.

2) Education. As mentioned earlier the kids are stupid. Our kids are getting worse and worse and it's because the number of teachers who actually care is shrinking. You can't expect a kid to want to apply himself to school, nobody wants to apply themselves to something they're forced into doing, it's the teacher's job to make that child learn. When I say make I don't mean in a forceful way, I just mean crate the concept of learning. I had one teacher who was so good that everyone wanted to show up for class. We didn't even have to open our books she was so good. We need more teachers like that. Right now we have a ton of teachers who'd rather run out the door just as fast as the kids, fucking over future generations and making laws about entrance exams necessary.

3) Drugs. Legalize 'em, ALL of 'em. Nobody's out there saying "oh I'd try heroin if only it were legal!" If people want to shoot heroin they're already doing it. A crackhead knows where to get crack. The only drug that would become an everyday thing would be weed and there's nothing wrong with that. Tax it, put an age limit on it, it's all good. We'd open up trade with countries we've never dealt with before and we'd have a TON of tax money coming in from the legal sale of it. Last, but certainly not least, if drugs were legal we'd have a lot more entrepreneurs rather than criminals. We could free all drug-related prisoners and drug dealers would be legit. Our crime rates would plummet and cops could finally focus on finding real criminals (notice how they can lock up numerous pot heads but ignore murderers). Am I the only person this makes sense to?

To me everything I'm saying seems pretty obvious. Shit, maybe it IS time I run for office.
posted by Adam Bernard @ 12:37 PM  
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