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Monday, March 22, 2004
The revolution will not be televised

I took that picture last week with my phone camera and just last night finally took the time to upload it and save it onto my computer. The writing is on one of the walls by the platforms at the Fairfield train station. I absolutely love it. It's graffiti, but it's a positive, uplifting message. I know a lot of people may look at it and just see it as someone writing on a wall, but I saw it as something a lot more than that. This is Hip-Hop being spread in a positive light, as something that's both revolutionary and close to God. We need more messages like this. We need more instances of people recognizing the importance of Hip-Hop. We've been around as a culture for nearly 30 years, we're important, and now the writing is literally on the wall.

On to some life news. If you read my previous post you know a bit of my saga with a certain girl, Saturday afternoon it got stranger. She called me up and we started talkin, all friendly-like, then she broke out with "I want to get married!" She wants the house, 2 kids and a white picket fence despite being, what I consider to be, too young to be thinking of all that. A wise person once told me don't even think about marriage until you're 30, my friend who's now marriage crazy is still 25. Things got even stranger when I asked what she was looking for in a guy and she went on to describe, well, me. One of my boys was quick to ask me "did you tell her she blew it, that she had her chance?" Now, I didn't actually say that to her, but when she told me she'd be visiting East, and gave me a possible time table, I didn't hesitate to let her know I'd be out of town. I may be reading way too much into all of this, but it just seems strange to me. In all honesty, if she comes East, and we meet up, and she wants me (hey, look at those variables!), I have no idea what will happen.

And now for something completely different! Anybody else notice in that new Right Guard deodorant commercial with Randy Johnson that the first person in the group of guys playing dodgeball is the white dude from Real World Chicago? What a great career he has gone onto! From being on Real World to being hit with a large rubber ball!
posted by Adam Bernard @ 1:01 PM  

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