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Monday, February 09, 2004
"I'm sitting here holding my own urine in a cup because I have responsibilities!" - Space Ghost

I have a lot of stuff to go through, but not a lot of time to type, so here goes. First off, this weekend was pretty damned fun. On Saturday night I let a couple of my female friends drag me out to a local bar. It was actually the same bar I had been at the week before and at which I had hit on the Puerto Rican girl who spoke no English. Lo and behold the Rican mami was there again (not too shocking since she works there), I said hello to her, flirted with her as best I could in my broken Spanish, and I think I had an impact on her. My homegirls were tellin me she kept smiling every time she looked at me, and made sure to come to our table for seemingly no reason other than to look at me and smile. As if that wasn't enough for my ego, one of the girls I was chillin with happened to be one I'm attracted to. I did my thang, and after grinding with her a couple times on the dance floor, and dedicating an incredibly inappropriate song to her (thank you Akinyele for the masterpiece that is "Put It In Your Mouth"), she seemed to, at the very least, become a little more accepting of me. In fact, all three girls ended up coming to my place after the bar closed. Nothing major happened, with the exception of the one I'm attracted to slipping and falling on the ice outside my krib, which made me laugh pretty damn hard once I knew she was OK. By the end of the night I think I definitely scored some points with one I was looking to score points with..... once I got her butt up off the ice. LOL!

I didn't however, score any points this weekend when it came to getting a date for the Mos Def show on Friday the 13th. I even had one girl ask me who Mos Def was. UGH! I will continue my quest this week, though the week is already pretty much filled to the rafters with things to do. I have three interviews scheduled (Bonz Malone, Sleepy Brown and Floetry), the radio show on Tuesday, and two events to attend (Henry Rollins doing spoken word, and the aforementioned Mos Def joint). I even have things scheduled for the week after, including attending Sarah Jones' one woman show on Friday the 20th (which I'm extremely hyped about), and possibly interviewing her afterwards. The day after will be interesting, as well, as the 21st is the day of my grandmother's memorial and I am scheduled be speaking at it. I have this feeling I'm going to be getting home at 7AM, showering, and heading to the memorial. Will be interesting to say the least.

My interview with TLC is up on ReactMag.com, so go.... NOW! On the real, getting both T-Boz and Chilli for an interview is apparently an impressive task. Even their label was impressed. GO ME! The BlackElectorate.com article I was interviewed for is scheduled to go up sometime this week.

Freakin Outkast won the album of the year Grammy tonight for what is, in my opinion, the worst of all their albums. I was glad Andre told the crowd about their first album since most of the people in the world seem to think Outkast started yesterday. For my money their second album, ATLiens is by far their best, and one of the best rap albums ever. 'Kast, however, is well on their way to breaking up. Big Boi is now booking gigs SOLO, which is a bad sign. Also, and this is on a real conspiracy theory tip, on "Wheelz of Steel," which is track four on ATLiens, Andre wants to know if the group will be able to "ride out till 2004." To me that sounds like they had a plan to break up in 2004, which would be crazy since ATLiens was released in 1996!!! Who knows, all I know is at least Big Boi is still rapping. Andre's performance made me sick. He was jumpin around on stage, singing (which he's not very good at), and acting like a borderline minstrel. It really seemed to me like "dance for the white man, entertain for the white man. He doesn't want to hear you rap, sing something meaningless and act the fool. Only then will you be rewarded." It's disgusting that a shitty pop tune has garnered them the most attention of their careers. Where's Organized Noize when you need them!?!?!

Last, but certainly not least, THE CUT LLC is up and running! I have decided to turn it into a PR company and have already drawn up contracts for artists. That's right, Adam's gonna help change the game and right the ship!
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