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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Barry Bonds hit two home runs last night to reach 650. It's only a matter of a two to three years before he breaks, then destroys, Hank Aaron's all-time mark. Where does this rank Bonds, a man who has endeared himself to nobody with his demeanor and way with the media, on the all-time great list? Personally, I feel he's the greatest position player in the history of the game. Nobody has put up the HR / SB numbers like he has, and nobody ever will. Bonds arrogantly claims he's going to wipe Babe Ruth's numbers right out of the record books, and in actuality he is. When it comes to hitters, Bonds is the greatest.

And now for something completely different. Tomorrow I have a phone interview with Chingy, the man who has, by far, the hottest single in America right now with "Right Thurr." Look for the article in the coming weeks on ReactMag.com.

In other news, I'm over 2/3 of the way done with "Black Mass" and DAYUM the Irish can be gangster. I didn't realize their takeover of the Boston FBI lasted over 15 years!!! The gritty tales in the book are are even more unbelievable when you realize they're all true. It's hard to put down, especially cuz I'm a quarter Irish.
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